The pottery pieces are mid-temperature, functional, and wheel-thrown or hand-built.  All pottery is food-safe, dishwasher-safe, and suitable for microwave and conventional oven cooking.  For custom designs, please contact the artist directly by phone or e-mail.

Surface design techniques:
CS Carved slip
LR  Low-relief and/or stamps
M  Majolica
PS  Painted Slips

Clay bodies:
IC  Ivory Cream stoneware
SpO  Spotted Owl stoneware
BS    Blue Spruce
C      Clear
JG    Jade Green
LB    Light Blue (Shelly’s)
LG    Light Green
N       Nutmeg          
OB    Opal Blue
OG    Opal Green
RG   Red Gold
SB    Satin Blue
SG   Satin Green
SW   Satin White